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Welcome to Full Ace, tennis game on PC
New look for 2011 ! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 January 2011 16:42

Here is the brand new Full Ace for 2011 !

Overall visual aspect of the game has been improved, with shader rendering, normal maps, shadow maps, and antialiasing. Of course, you will need above average hardware to enjoy them all. But don't worry, you may disable them all if it is too much for your PC to take, and some optimizations make it actually even faster than previous versions when all is disabled.

When playing outdoor, sun lighting now evolves along the game. You may see shadows stretching and the court slowly falling in the shadow of the stands.

Another great news for 2011 : ITST has launched an online tour dedicated to Full Ace. It is up and running already, and congrats to Tonigno who was the first Full Ace online tournament winner. This is an achievement he'll never be deprived of !

Here are some screenshots of the new version (click for bigger versions), as well as the usual demo download link.

Access to the demo download page




Major update PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 November 2010 15:22

First post in some time, and therefore, a lot of new things in the game ! Version 2.4 is out and as well as many bug fixes, it includes the following new features :

  • Allowed stadium and tournament edition
  • Allowed bounce properties edition in stadium
  • Added "revert to default" option in editor
  • 25 additional tournaments
  • Allowed texture edition by using JPG and PNG formats
  • Added new camera options
  • Added option to disable automatic replays
  • New and improved animations
  • Proofed network against lag
  • Improved volley shots
  • Tougher AI
  • Sound improvements

Registered users have access to this version in the same way as usual. Demo players shall use the link below :

Access to the demo download page



Full Ace opens up PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 August 2010 15:36

With our new upgrade, we are coming to the expectations expressed by some of you, by including an automatic preparation system in Full Ace.

The manual system is a key feature of the game, and we always believed in it. Some agree with us, others can't master it, or find it is too demanding. A few despise it.

Forcing things on people is not our philosophy. The main reason why we didn't include an alternative in the first place was our concern that people wouldn't even try. However, it would be a pity that a lot of players would disregard Full Ace because of that. This is why a new system is included now. 

For registered users, a patch is available with the new feature. For those who want to try it in the demo, use the link below : 

Access to the demo download page 



Replays, cameras, languages and more PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 July 2010 12:08

Today, we are releasing a major update for Full Ace. Here is a list of the most notable features :

  • Network features from the beta have been improved and integrated to this version. Automatic port forwarding has been removed, as it seemed to cause more problems than it solved. See the updated network instructions in our forums.
  • Several translations have been added/updated : spanish, german, and italian.
  • A set of three different cameras are now available in-game : the one we used to have, a far one like on the screenshot below, and a close one that puts you more inside the action and will probably be the camera of choice for play. These cameras are available for replays (see below), and more will be added in the future for that purpose.
  • Replays are now shown in-game on winners. Replaying the latest point is accessible at any time through the pause menu and registered users may also use the save option there for later viewing/trading.

We really feel those additions bring the game to a new level, and we sure hope you will agree.

Registered users are welcomed to trade their best replays. We would also like you to submit them to us so we can choose a few to appear in a promotional video for the game.

For registered users, the new version is available the same way you got your complete version in the first place. For those who want to try this new demo, use the link below : 

Access to the demo download page 



Network play for all ! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 14:35

Following the promises of the beta version, we have been working on making online play more straightforward and user friendly.

In this regard, we now provide a dedicated matchmaking server. It will allow you to easily find opponents to play against.

Cherry on the cake, we have decided to allow demo players to experience network play too. In order to try it, just download the latest demo through the link below and refer to network instructions on our forum.

Access to the demo download page 




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