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It has been a while since we have posted anything here, and we received several requests for a release date, or at least something new about the game.

Here are those much awaited news. We are currently completing the first release version of Full Ace. We expect it will be available online from this site during May, at a price of 15 €. After that, we will continue to work on the game and improve it, and release new versions steadily (provided we have enough success). However, for now, we make it our policy that subsequent updates will not induce any additional costs for original customers.

In the meanwhile, we are releasing a new version of our demo with more tutorial lessons. You will get to experience most of the gameplay we've designed. Furthermore, it should address several issues that were raised by users with the previous one. If you find this one still doesn't work properly, please report your problems in the forum, so we could prevent major troubles with the final release as much as possible.

We hope you have a good time. 


Click this link to download demo (ZIP file).


Demo screenshot


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