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As of now, the only way you can buy Full Ace is from our web shop. The game will be delivered as a download of the full version and a license number needed to identify you as a registered customer.

System requirements

Following requirements are barely an indication. The best way to test your machine capability to run Full Ace is to run the demo.

Windows XP / Vista / Seven, Intel Pentium 1 GHz, 512 Mb memory, 100 Mb hard drive, an OpenGL-capable (GeForce/Radeon) video card, Windows compatible sound card, Internet connection, keyboard, mouse. Analog pad is highly recommended.

Price policy

The price for Full Ace complete version is 15 € (18~20$). Unlike most games, this price does not buy you a frozen version. We expect to bring money from convincing new customers, not making the same ones pay several times. As a result, we intend to provide future upgrades to original customers without any additional fee. Supporting this policy allows us to go on working on the game and make it better and richer for you.

What you get with the full version
  • Full length matches
    You can set up an exhibition in 1, 3, or 5 sets and choose the tiebreak rule.

  • Network multiplayer
    Play exhibition matches with opponents over the Internet.

  • Split screen
    Play an exhibition match against a friend on the same computer with this mode.

  • Complete database with fully editable player features
     Including 1954 players, 561 tournaments, 70 stadiums. All players are fully editable, and there is no limit on the number of players you can add to the database.

  • Tournament mode
    Compete in a single tournament. You can choose an existing tournament in the database, or create your own tournament, choosing stadium, set rules, table size and competitors.

  • Career mode
    Build your career as a pro player in the complete FA tour with all 561 tournaments, including qualifying draws. Make your way to the top of the FA tour rankings.

  • Game saves
    Of course you can save and load your progress in both tournament and season modes. But you can also save during a match, at the end of each set. You may also save replays for future viewing and sharing.

Actually buying

Before buying, we cannot emphasize enough that you should try the latest demo. Not only to ensure that you enjoy the game, but to make sure it runs properly on your system and is able to access our online server. If you have any issue, contact us on our forum.

When your decision is made, you are welcome on our Web shop ! Click on the image below to be taken there.


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