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Full Ace opens up PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 August 2010 15:36

With our new upgrade, we are coming to the expectations expressed by some of you, by including an automatic preparation system in Full Ace.

The manual system is a key feature of the game, and we always believed in it. Some agree with us, others can't master it, or find it is too demanding. A few despise it.

Forcing things on people is not our philosophy. The main reason why we didn't include an alternative in the first place was our concern that people wouldn't even try. However, it would be a pity that a lot of players would disregard Full Ace because of that. This is why a new system is included now. 

For registered users, a patch is available with the new feature. For those who want to try it in the demo, use the link below : 

Access to the demo download page