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Here is the brand new Full Ace for 2011 !

Overall visual aspect of the game has been improved, with shader rendering, normal maps, shadow maps, and antialiasing. Of course, you will need above average hardware to enjoy them all. But don't worry, you may disable them all if it is too much for your PC to take, and some optimizations make it actually even faster than previous versions when all is disabled.

When playing outdoor, sun lighting now evolves along the game. You may see shadows stretching and the court slowly falling in the shadow of the stands.

Another great news for 2011 : ITST has launched an online tour dedicated to Full Ace. It is up and running already, and congrats to Tonigno who was the first Full Ace online tournament winner. This is an achievement he'll never be deprived of !

Here are some screenshots of the new version (click for bigger versions), as well as the usual demo download link.

Access to the demo download page




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